Use of Illustration

Where Illustration Is Used?

The Illustration, being the simple, yet, the significant form of communication, is used in several sectors, of which, the following ones are the most prominent.

  • Education

Be it your kindergarten books or the complicated engineering books, to convey the significant stuff, always illustrations have been used as they not only convey the meaning clearly but also helps in your understanding and remembrance. For example, although your circuit manual had textual descriptions of forming a circuit, it is only with those drawings you would have formed something close to the intended form. Therefore, the illustrations are and have always been the part of the education system as they help the students understand and imagine the situations in a much better manner. Particularly, with the children’s books, it is only with help of illustrations they associate better with the language and therefore, enhances their creativity and imagination!

  • Marketing

Writing the word ‘Apple’ would rather mean you the fruit better than the prominent technology company, the Apple Inc. But, by illustrating their brand symbol, you will get to know what is being referred to clearly and such is the power of illustration in the marketing sector. Every brand, therefore, concentrates as much on their brand image as to their brand name because as stated in the above example, it would project their company singularly to the population. Recognition is the most needed action for any successful business and such an honor could be provided undoubtedly by the illustration concept.

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Use of Illustration

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